Express Modular is a firm believer that partnerships work two ways. All of our partners serve as trusted advisors to their clients. For many, it is in helping them build the new custom home or addition of their dreams. For others, it can be getting them into an environment that helps them overcome the unnecessary challenges that their existing situation provides. The services and products we offer are invaluable to our partners as they guide their clients through their journey in life.

If you want to be part of a larger team that collaborates to grow business and help clients, then select your profession below to learn more today! Registration will enhance your learning, provide access to additional resources, and is the first step in establishing a partnering relationship.

We need GC’s, Remodelers, Homebuilders, and Home Modification Specialists.

Real Estate Agents
We value our partnership with REALTORS®.

Our clients need local, regional, and national lenders.

Architects enjoy our modern building methods.

Interior Designers
Aging-in-Place is a focus for many Interior Designers.

Elder Law Attorneys
We support Elder Law/Special Needs Attorneys

Occupational Therapists
We help patients overcome physical barriers in the home.

Homecare Providers
Our products help families care for their loved ones.

We provide alternatives and options to support the elderly and disabled.


Financial Advisors
Family Alternative Care Options balance family estates with family care.

Case workers, Home Evaluators, and Patient Advocates need alternative care options for their patients.

Rehabilitation Centers
Rehab Centers need cost-effective options to offer their clients to make their home livable following treatment.